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Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme

Voove is a Satellite, fixed wireless and 4G/5G alternative internet service provider that delivers superfast wireless broadband in the Highlands and Islands.

Reaching 100%: Superfast broadband for all.

The Reaching 100% (R100) programme will ensure every home and business can access superfast broadband, delivered through three strands of activity: R100 contracts with network operators to enable services to be provided, supporting further commercial coverage, and the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme.

What is the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme (SBVS)?

The Scottish Government has committed to provide superfast broadband access to every home and business in Scotland. Working alongside the R100 programme the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme (SBVS) will help subsidise the cost towards building and installing faster broadband connectivity to premises.


Clive Downing, R100 Programme Director, said: “The Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme is an essential part of the Reaching 100% Programme. Our registered suppliers are working hard to help people access the voucher funding available, then delivering their superfast broadband connections; I thank them for their efforts. Together we're working to make sure that every address in Scotland has access to a superfast connection.”

Voove® is a registered supplier on the Scottish broadband scheme helping bring alternative broadband to communities across Scotland.

Check if you are eligible here

What is the value of a voucher?

The SBVS can provide a one-off voucher worth up to £5,000 to help deliver a permanent broadband connection to properties which currently have no plans for a superfast broadband upgrade.

For those eligible for SBVS, Voove could supply superfast wireless to premises broadband with speeds that can reach Gigabit in select areas and superfast internet over 4G/5G everywhere else.

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