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Established family business for the past 10 years, Voove provides digital connectivity and technology solutions to customers throughout the UK. Whether working on behalf of our partners or directly with our clients, voove ensure the highest customer service is achieved. We have a reputation for creating experiences that reimagine the way people interact with technology. This isn’t a ‘jack of all trades’ shop by any means – we all have our unique specialties.

As well as Wireless and Networking Certified, Voove Engineers are CNCI® Trained and Certified, holding multiple Advanced BTEC Certifications in Data Communications Cable Installation for both Copper and Fibre, as well as Fluke Versiv™ CCTT certification allowing our engineers to not only install to standards and best practices, but also to test and certify those installations.

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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • It was a pleasure dealing with a company that within a couple of clicks, an email or two, and a friendly person with a name behind it all, we purchased exactly what we wanted and more, Simplyflooring.com is happy to recommend Voove to anyone looking to buy a domain.
  • I found the transaction painless and the customer support very responsive and easy to communicate with. I especially liked the professionally written emails I received from the customer support team as they left no room for ambiguity.
  • When setting up a new business, creating a web site is the simple part, we can all be creative. However, the technical expertise required to keep you ahead of the game and the hands on advice to ensure your day to day problems get solved is a whole new ball game! Thankfully we had Angus and his team at Voove who took jumbled ideas and put up with many a phone call to get us up and running - and successful!
  • I'd like to say a massive thanks to Voove for coming round today and fitting my Tooway. As always they were very efficient doing an excellent job and even had a few laughs. They even went above and beyond and set up my new Wifi. Loves me Voove I do All pretty..