Friendly Wi-Fi approved provider

Voove is proud to support the ‘Friendly WiFi’ scheme, the world’s first accreditation system designed to verify whether a business’ public WiFi service meets a minimum level of filtering to block out access to pornographic and child abuse websites. The Scheme was initiated by the U.K. Government and is managed by the RDI Trade Organization.

Friendly WiFi
‘Friendly WiFi’ aims to help parents, children and young people make informed choices about using public WiFi and protects them from viewing inappropriate material. The scheme was created and launched in collaboration with the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), supported by the Government and WiFi providers after concerns were raised by leading child safety charities that children and young people were being put at risk of viewing and accessing inappropriate material when using public WiFi. Voove are now encouraging all of their clients to join the ‘Friendly WiFi’ scheme and be accredited as a ‘Friendly WiFi’ venue.

Why is friendly wifi important?
Public WiFi is the same as the WiFi we use at home except there’s just lots more people using the same connection at any one time. With so many places letting you access the internet it’s really important that businesses in charge of letting you use their public WiFi take the right steps to protect you, your friends and your children from seeing upsetting, disturbing and generally not very nice images, videos or websites. It’s important that when you use public WiFi to access the internet that you feel safe and remain safe online.

How can your business be a part of this Scheme?
The Friendly WiFi symbol is available to any venues providing public WiFi, who are committed to supporting the need for safeguarding online content. The Friendly WiFi symbol is displayed by each venue signed up to the Friendly WiFi accreditation and appears either on their landing page as you sign into their public WiFi, or is visible on signage within the venue.
Voove is a ‘Friendly WiFi’ ‘Approved Provider’ meaning the company’s public WiFi offering meets the scheme’s specification, making joining the scheme a straightforward process for Voove clients.

Wherever this symbol is displayed on site or online, parents and young people can be assured that the venues displaying the symbol have the correct filters in place and their public WiFi service is safe to use

More information about the ‘Friendly WiFi’ Scheme and how to join can be found at

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