EDF Wi-Fi Vouchers

Benbecula’s first ever music Festival is delighted to announce that there will be full Wi-Fi coverage onsite to allow guests to instantly post their happy snaps online as they dance the nights away. EDF will also provide secure phone charging points to allow guests to charge their phones as and when required.

Connectivity to be provided by local technology company Voove, the service is expected to be a big hit with the crowds at Scotland’s newest music festival.

Roddy MacKay, Eilean Dorcha Festival founder commented: “I’m delighted that with the support of Voove and their team we can offer this essential digital service to our guests here at EDF 2016. Connectivity in the Islands is absolutely paramount for tourism and industry, so to be able to have our guests instant reactions from a site that normally does not even have a mobile signal, nevermind Wi-Fi, is absolutely fantastic.”

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