Safe Wifi

In any modern-day home, having a reliable secure home network is imperative.

friendly-wifi-approved-provider-medium-1-400x250The needs of the modern-day home have changed because all the devices we own are now becoming internet enabled or ‘connected’. This has put a strain on the home network and there is now a need for a professionally installed system to enable everything to work as envisaged.

Today, seamless wireless internet (wi-fi) is a standard requirement for all homes so that we can use our laptops, SMART phones, and tablets.

New ‘On Demand’ TV and music services from Spotify, Netflix, SKY TV and YouTube, need high broadband speeds and a reliable, stable internet connection to perform correctly and this is something only experts in home networking can do.

Why don’t we recommend a wi-fi extender or repeater?

If you are repeating or extending a wireless signal, all you are doing is amplifying an already degraded signal resulting in slower speeds. Also, because you are involving two devices to extend the wifi coverage, this slows down connectivity and results in a slower connection between devices called ‘latency’.

Is Powerline or Homeplug a good solution?

These are devices that plug into a normal plug socket and send the internet (or packets of data) via the existing electrical cabling in your home. These are a good way of extending a network without running a cable.

However, as with extenders, there are latency issues and problems when trying to connect devices such as Sonos onto a network. When retrofitting homes we occasionally use them but only because we know how they work and what they work with. Any retrofit system done properly will always be some sort of hybrid system combining hard wire, powerline, and wi-fi.

Installed and commissioned correctly, it can offer a reliable solution.

Always on Internet

If you work from home, we can offer a solution that combines two broadband services together through a single router and will mean that if ever one service goes down, the other one will kick in.

This is also great for home monitoring because it means you will always have a backup connection for remote access to your security cameras.


We have our own in-house cabling team to make sure a home is designed and commissioned correctly. This gives peace of mind to the homeowner knowing that they have a single company organising their part of the ‘building jigsaw’ providing peace of mind.