Our Digital TV Services start from basic Television Tuning and Set-Up to Additional TV Points, Cabling Outlets, Multiroom Cabling, Poor Signal Issues, DTV Signal Distribution and goes all the way up to more complex Integrated DTV, SAT & DAB FM Multi-room Systems and HDMI Matrix HDBaseT Multi-room HD Distribution Systems for a Pixel Perfect High Definition Multi-room viewing Experience

If you’re experiencing Poor TV reception, freezing pictures, pixellated, No Satellite Signal or your screen displays Bad Signal or NO Signal then our Digital Services Team is at hand to give you free advice and to help maximize your Internet TV, Terrestrial TV or Satellite viewing experience. This includes our TV Wall Mounting Service to help get your new TV safely on your wall.

Our professional team can offer services and advice on:

  • Digital Freeview / Freesat Installations
  • Telephone Extension Sockets
  • Multi-Room TV and Audio
  • SKY Dish Installation and Replacement
  • TV / Projector and home theatre set up and installation
  • Pre-wiring AV and Networks for new homes and businesses
  • TV Wall Mounting
  • Commercial Sky installation
  • Satellite and Aerial installation
  • SKY Glass Setup and Installation
  • Smart Home Devices

Audio and TV Solutions Available at the following Locations:

  • Uist and Barra
  • Lewis and Harris

Voove is accredited by the prestigious, Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) “Plus” scheme award. The Confederation of Aerial Industries is the regulatory body for the Aerial and Satellite Industry. The CAI is committed to raising standards within the industry and the criteria for being a member is extremely high. The CAI Plus membership was launched to create a higher membership category. Membership to the scheme provides confidence to both the government and the public, in the ability and quality of the CAI Plus installing members. All CAI Plus members have to comply with strict Codes of Practice, which incorporate technical, commercial, and safety practices.

To achieve the CAI Plus status, Voove demonstrated that their engineers are:

  • Formally trained, regulated to a high standard and are professional in their conduct.
  • That they have obtained a satisfactory Criminal Records (CRB) check.
  • That they hold certification providing liability insurance – Employers liability and public/tradesman’s liability.
  • That they hold certification proving Working Safely at Heights course has been completed.
  • The company also had to provide evidence of QA procedures, conformity to the Codes of Practice, quality of installations, the quality of tools, meters and safety equipment.

Voove Engineers are also R.D.I accredited with the widely recognised ‘Digital Tick’ certification

The RDI-LB was set up by the government to protect you, the general public.

The RDI-LB is only given to installers who have proven their competence, reliability and suitabilty by meeting the Licencing body’s strict criteria for registration.

The RDI-LB website is there to protect you and find you a reputable aerial installer.


Always use a RDI-LB registered installer for your TV aerial installation.

Digital Ticked members have the RDI-LB permission to use the digital tick in advertising, on business cards or other publicity material. The digital tick mark is your assurance that we have met strict criteria for scheme membership.