Domain Name Sales, Management and Acquisitions

What does your domain names say about your company?

Internet Success starts with the right domain name, and remains the first priority of your business.  Your domain name should say it all, from who you are to what you offer and where you offer your services and products.  To the peril of many a business moving from the high street to the world wide web, the securing of the right domain name for their business is often overlooked, instead opting for a domain that’s complicated, difficult to remember and on the wrong extension.

Your domain name should be considered carefully and not something to be purchased on a whim.  New domain registrations tend to be ranked lower on the search engines due the fact that they will have zero trust, search engines like domain names to have age and also links from other trusted domain names.

A new industry, the “Secondary Domain Market” where investors and brokers have moved into the Internet Real Estate market, an industry still in its infancy yet has despite the global economic down,  continued to thrive while also out performing stock market levels of return.

Since 2004 we have purchased, developed, brokered and sold domain names and websites in excess of £1 million GBP.  We continue to invest for our own portfolio and that of our clients with the simple belief that austerity does not mean having to ignore the fundamental tools and investment required to grow your business.

Our focus is on generic terms, short and memorable domain names.  We don’t speculate on what is, we look at what it could be. Each domain name we purchase we have a purposeful vision to create a concept then a marketable brand.  Many of our clients share that vision which results in a sale, lease or partnership in bringing that concept to reality.

There will be occasions when the domain you want is simply not available, perhaps registered by someone else or has already expired.  We have invested significantly in developing software systems to capture domain names within milliseconds of them becoming available again for registration.  Our servers are located and connected directly to the routers of the major internet backbones and the main domain name registration companies giving us the ability to poll expiring domains and register them in under 0.02 seconds.  Since starting our .UK back-ordering service, we have caught and registered 73% of the domains back-ordered on behalf of our clients.  We continue to upgrade and improve these systems to ensure that we are able to compete effectively.

If you would like to discuss a domain name that we own or one that you would like to acquire, give us a call or drop us an email.