Your data cabling could serve you for ten or more years, longer than any other part of your network, yet it may account for a relatively small proportion of your IT budget. Over this period the demands on your IT infrastructure will increase so you need to provide for growth and flexibility.

Once your cabling system is installed, changes can be disruptive and expensive so it’s essential to get it designed and installed correctly first time.

To match your budget and performance requirements, our portfolio includes cabling systems from a range of manufacturers. These can be Cat5e for Gigabit Ethernet or Cat6a for 10 Gigabit alternatively fibre optic for longer runs.

Voove® Engineers are CNCI® Trained and Certified, holding multiple Advanced BTEC Awards in Data Communications Cable Installation for both Copper and Fibre, as well as Fluke CCTT Certification allowing our engineers to not only install to standards and best practices, but also to test and certify installations to standards and also manufacturers warranty.