If you offer Internet access to your customers, guests or business associates it is important you consider the implications.

Our managed hotspot solutions allow you to control exactly who has access to your network and what they can do when using it. By restricting what sites they can view and placing bandwidth restrictions you can prevent users from abusing your connection.

Each user is given an expiry date, meaning that their account will be automatically removed after that time. This ensures users only have access when you permit them without having to remember to manually remove the accounts.

We can also offer a logging functionality that will record the websites each user access. This can be essential should the worst happen and a user accesses illegal material and it is traced back to your Internet connection.

Wi-Fi hotspots will increase customer loyalty, footfall and sales which is a huge benefit to people using our services. The official Managed Connections launch comes after almost four years of research and development and on the back of this we have some really exciting additions planned for the upcoming months. We have made getting 100 percent legally compliant and highly controlled Wi-Fi and wireless broadband into a variety of venues really simple, and we can show clients how to use our platform and services as tools to bring in more customers and how to make money from them. We’re really excited by this aspect of our offering and with our systems, there is now a choice of fully managed Wi-Fi hotspot and ISP packages to suit any sized commercial venue”.

Part of the attraction of the cloud-based management solution is that it can be used to seamlessly integrate control of any type of network from simple Wi-Fi hotspots to entire building or community networks.