Successful events thrive on internal and external communications. Visitors, traders and exhibitors need to talk to the outside world, whilst at the same time organisers need to communicate within the event itself. Social Media communications are a marketing tool you simply can not ignore.

Voove offer scalable event solutions, including short term hire of Wireless equipment for both indoor and outdoor events. The solution includes supply, installation and support for your event throughout, whether you require a small Wi-Fi Hotspot in a specific location, such as a hospitality area, to an event wide Wi-Fi solution for both exhibitors and organisers to use.

Organisers – Transfer your event office to the event itself.  Voove can provide the means to have the entire resources of your office on site for the duration of the event.

Event Internet from Voove connects to the internet independent of any existing infrastructure which allows attendees to access the internet what ever the venue. This has several benefits:

  • Tailored Splash page and landing page – This creates an opportunity to provide event information on the login page as well as advertising/promotions for sponsors.
  • Access for all attendees to social media means that they are helping to raise awareness of your event.
  • Traders at your event will be able to take electronic card transactions which will significantly help increase their sales.

Our flexible packages cater for all requirements depending on the desired revenue. We are able to tailor the package to suit all budgets with the ability to spread the costs over multiple events if the same venue is utilised. Whether you’re holding a music festival, sporting event or even a seasonal market, Voove Event Internet can cater for you.

  • Available at any location
  • Creates multiple additional revenue streams
  • Public access to social media for real time event promotion
  • Promotion of event aligned smart phone apps
  • Advertising space on splash page
  • Customisable landing page
  • Connectivity for traders to perform electronic transactions
  • Data mining – collection of attendees contact data
  • Cashless Transactions
  • Temporary ATM
  • POP Up Shops and Markets