We have all experienced the dreaded blue screen of death or the computer that simply will not boot up. Did I just lose all of my files? What did I backup? Relax, more than likely we can recover all of your computer files and data. If your computer no longer works but you still would like to recover the data.

Important: When your computer fails to boot up, the most important thing you can do is leave it alone. The more you try to boot up a computer with a failing hard drive, the greater your
chances are at permanently losing the data. Once the hard drive is destroyed your data is lost forever.

The term data recovery is a very general term used in the computer industry. Sometimes it is not data recovery that is needed. That is why Jaime offers two levels of data recovery.

If your data can simply be transferred off of the old hard drive it is called a data transfer. If the hard drive itself is faulty most of the time a software bypass can be applied to recover the files. Either way you will save money by skipping the need for costly clean room data recovery. For more information on the cost of computer data recovery, please read the following article.