4G Solutions for Rapid Site Connectivity

For those in need of fast, reliable and secure connectivity in a new or temporary location, rapid site connectivity also known as pop-up and day oneconnectivity is the ideal solution, helping to connect;

  • Construction Sites
  • Pop-up Restaurants/Retail Stores
  • Critical Response Sites
  • Events 

Many businesses rely on fixed line solutions as their primary form of connectivity, but for some new or temporary locations, a fixed line connection can take time to install or isn’t an option at all. A 4G LTE network solution from voove means; no extended lead times, simple installation, and cloud management for simplified, cost-effective monitoring. 

Rapid Site Connectivity Use Cases:

CONSTRUCTIONFixed line solutions are rarely installed in time for site start dates, resulting in lost productivity. 4G LTE solutions enable reliable networks that can connect on-site requirements from day one.
RETAIL POP-UPWith an increasing need for pop-up or temporary locations, retail and hospitality industries benefit from instant, reliable and secure connectivity by leveraging 4G LTE wherever they take their business.
CRITICAL RESPONSEEmergency service teams often need to establish temporary sites very quickly without notice, so a fixed line isn’t an option. 4G LTE enables access to vital information to assist with critical incident site duties.
EVENTSWhether it be an exhibition stand or outdoor event, a 4G LTE solution can deliver fast and reliable connectivity that is easily moved to a new location as and when it’s required.